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Doggie Man In A Humbler

She put him in The Humbler and took him to an S&M doggie party:

Ballgagged, I knelt on the floor when we got there, and Mistress held my balls out behind me, fastening the two halves together so that my balls went through the hole in the humbler. The board curved gently around the contours of my ass, horizontal to the ground. By keeping my balls stretched out behind me, it prevented me from standing or even from straightening my legs. Only short shuffles on my hands and knees were possible. And my balls were nicely presented to the riding crop she kept with her.

In this fashion I was introduced to various Doms and Subs, as Mistress talked shop, and I tried not to drool. I politely humped the legs of various mistresses, and was made to smell the asses of other Owners’ female pets, exchanging furtive nose-pussy nuzzles for hot tongue on my distended nutsack.

From Tops And Bottoms.

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