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Three Views Of The Humbler

Here’s Dominatrix Annabelle playing with her humbler and showing it to the slave she’s about to humble with it:

dominatrix with the humbler

dominatrix with the humbler

dominatrix with the humbler

Buying And Trying The Humbler

Sissy Wannabe writes:

I found a humbler online and bought it yesterday. As soon as I put it on I quickly realized it is not something I would do for “fun”. I can’t help imagining turning myself over to a woman (or even another man) and having them clamp the humbler to my balls. They would clearly have complete control over me. I would do anything. Sometime this week I will wear it as I do some cleaning or ironing. It will be very difficult (and painful) as I can’t stand up straight.

UPDATE – I wore it ironing for over an hour. My balls ached. I would have promised and done anything for my dominant to remove it.

Zapper Paddle Web Roundup

Here’s a really nice web roundup with a lot of different stories and info tidbits about playing with a zapper paddle:

Playing with Electric Fly Swatters / Electric Paddles

This is a key bit that will help people avoid disappointment caused by accidentally buying the newer protected-grid style that are mostly what you find in stores, that are hard on bugs but not so much on bottoms:

“It’s important to remember that there are two kinds of these units…the OLD ones (fun and evil); and the NEW ones (safe and boring.) Basically…if they have “layers” (separated by a plastic thingy in the center)…you won’t have a lot of “fun” with them