Kink Toy

The Best BDSM Gear For Bondage And Spanking


Spreader Bar And Butt Plug

According to Bondage Blog, there is a penalty when she forgets that Wednesday night is date night, and it involves not only the spreader bar but also her pretty jeweled butt plug:

spreader bar and buttplug


Kinky Sex Toys Demonstrator

What’s it like when you are the least-loved sister with the prettiest butt and your family runs a kinky BDSM furniture sales outlet? You always end up in the pillory getting the caning demonstration, that’s what it’s like:

poor lily bent over by her sister for a painful sales demonstration of the bamboo canes and the bondage furniture

Artwork is by Richard Stanton, and there’s more here.


Alien Sex Toy Demonstrator

According to ErosBlog, in the fancier sex toy boutiques on the orbital station above the mining colonies of Cylon IV, “display model” has become an actual job description for several different biospecies and no few autonomous gynoids:

fancy science fiction sex toys