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The Humbler

Keep him on his knees where he belongs with a Hanson Humbler! This wooden bondage clamp grabs his balls and pulls them back between his legs, hurting him a lot if he tries to straighten when bent over, or tries to stand when kneeling…

User Testimonials:

Stevemark1 from the NorCal Domination Station:

I think the Hanson Humbler is the gold standard. The hinges are hidden, it latches closed without having to turn wingnuts and/or locks. The lock is very quick and easy to disengage.

I am a big electrical fan as well, and though I thought this device might be too intense, I have found that it is not.

2 Responses to The Humbler

  1. caldwell trent says:

    my bf uses this humbler on me and busts my balls hard.

  2. caldwell trent says:

    that is so hot. those balls are perfect for busting

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