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Touching The Bug Zapper

Here’s a Youtube video of a woman named Donna getting talked into touching a bug zapper paddle. She squeals very nicely!


Two Zapper Paddle Spankings

This ancient Spanking Blog post features two different zapper paddle spanking scenes, one maledom and one femdom. Here’s a picture from one of them:

zapper paddle spanking in progress

The post ends with “Somewhere, Thomas Edison is smiling in his grave.” That made me smile, too.


The Zapper Paddle In Penthouse

A reader spotted and sent along this a brief mention of a zapper paddle in Penthouse Variations magazine, in a letter from Ms. Diana A:

The other day, he surprised me with a kind of spanking toy I didn’t even know existed: an electric zapper paddle. It’s actually a fly swatter, but Corey found it had a much more entertaining use. It wasn’t a toy you could hit someone particularly hard with, but Corey didn’t need to, because the little zing it delivered to my skin set me off!