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Touching The Bug Zapper

Here’s a Youtube video of a woman named Donna getting talked into touching a bug zapper paddle. She squeals very nicely!

The Zapper Paddle HURTS!

Or so says the domina Miss Fortunes, who tried out a zapper paddle brought in by her client:

So last week BondageBoy brought me a bug zapper that looks like a tiny tennis racket. I tried it out on myself: Holy shit Batman, that shit HURTS. No control over the frequency, it just hurts. So I decided to wrap BB in shrink wrap and wrapped his cock in athletic tape so just the top of the head of his dick was exposed…

Zapping His Ass

For however long it lasts, here is a link to a YouTube video of a man dropping his trousers for a zapping swat with the electric bug-zapper paddle.