Kink Toy

The Best BDSM Gear For Bondage And Spanking


Touching The Bug Zapper

Here’s a Youtube video of a woman named Donna getting talked into touching a bug zapper paddle. She squeals very nicely!


Balls Caned In The Humbler

When you’re in The Humbler, there’s not much you can do when the cane hits your balls. What a picture!

Look at those swollen balls about to be smacked hard. And once they’re smacked the poor slave will arch his back in pain. And when he arches his back, it’ll straighten, and when it straightens, it pushes his balls tighter only doubling the original blow from his Mistress. The perfect circle.


Caned In The Humbler

Rohosub writes about his caning punishment while wearing The Humbler:

When I came home from work on Thursday my wife told me I was in for a severe discipline session when the kids had gone to bed. WWhen the house finally was quiet she told me to go to the bathroom and undress. While I was brushing my teeth she came into the bathroom with our Humbler, her new canes and the camera. She usually uses the Humbler when caning me because it makes it almost impossible for me to move and every time she lands a hard stroke on my bum, my natural reaction is to try to straighten my body thus giving my own balls a hard painful yank…

There’s a picture, too.