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Her Man In Her Humbler

A woman writes about her man’s experience of The Humbler:

Look closely at the photos below. That wooden device you see clinging to the back of Trip’s thighs is called the Humbler. For obvious reasons, it is designed to humble a man by securing his balls behind him, stretching them taut, while making it nearly impossible for the wearer to straighten his legs completely. Of course a boy will be tempted to try, but it’s not long before he bends back over again to alleviate the pressure.

I began by putting the Humbler onto Trip and locking it in place. I worked slowly, tightening, tightening. Then I put him in English replica prison manacles, so he could move about with limited freedom, and discover what effect the Humbler had over curious restless boys. He tried standing for a while, but that didn’t last. He tried lying down on the ground, but that became difficult. He began to fidget, constantly readjusting himself to find small moments of relief. It wasn’t long before he got on his knees to minimize the pulling and squeezing his own movements created…

More Humbler Fiction

From Humbler Now by firsttimer, another story about life in The Humbler:

She gave a evil little girlish giggle walking behind him looking at his big heavy manly balls trapped between the humbler. She liked him in this position. The very things that gave him his strength and power as a man were the very things that now held him helpless in front of his 110 pound wife Linda. He complied with her wishes whatever they were, and tonight it was him down on all fours in the living room with his balls stretched back through a humbler.

He tested the humblers grip on his testicles. It was useless. He crawled to the coffee table,trying to lift his upper body to standing, only to retreat back down in pain from his balls being stretched out. He realized he was rendered completely helpless by his own balls, so he quietly waited on all fours…

The Humbler Has Fan Fiction

There’s quite a fan fiction for The Humbler over here at the Squeezed Nuts blog:

Sue was standing directly behind Avery. She reached forward between his legs, grabbed his balls and yanked them backwards. Avery howled in agony as Sue continued to pull them, and Ms Meeks slammed The Humbler together and latched it with Avery on one side of the Humbler and his balls on the other side.

The Humbler was stretched across the back of his thighs. His scrotum went through the hole. The hole had a recess on the back side and Avery’s balls fitted nicely in the recess, proudly on display and readily accessible. The pull on his balls was so severe that he brought his knees almost up to his chin. He immediately fell to his knees, with his forehead on the floor and his backside and balls up high.

He started to scream to be released but Sue grabbed his balls and told him to shut up or she would spank his balls. Immediate silence from Avery. Sue swatted his balls and told him to be humble. She swatted them a couple more times and Avery howled in agony and said “Sue, I’ll be humble!” She swatted his balls again and said “What’s with this Sue business, to you I am Ms Dale and don’t you forget it” as she delivered another swat. Avery started mumbling “Ms Dale, Ms Dale, Ms Dale” with his forehead on the floor and his naked balls and backside straight up in the air. It looked so ridiculous that all the women started laughing.